What to Consider When Buying Conference Room Furniture

Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, meetings and group collaboration can happen anywhere. Although many meetings are now being held in places like cafés and office lounges, conference rooms remain an important part of the workplace. Some types of meetings call for the privacy and formal setting a conference room offers, and choosing the right type of conference room furniture can help make those meetings as productive and effective as possible.

bright office chairs around a long rectangular conference table


The table is the heart of any conference room. When choosing a conference room table, three key things to keep in mind are the size of the room, how many people should be able to fit around it, and the shape of the table. Of course, finding a table that looks good in your space is also important, but these three factors have the largest impact on productivity and comfort. Choosing a conference room table that’s too large will make it difficult to move around, but choosing one that’s too small will make people feel crowded.

A conference room table should allow for at least a few feet of space between chairs and the wall, enough room for people to walk through comfortably, and about 3 feet between chairs. Groupwork conference tables from Steelcase come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, making it easy to find an option that looks great and fits in your space.

six SILQ office chairs around a circular conference table


Being uncomfortable has never made anyone more productive. Whether you’re in the conference room for a quick meeting or an hours-long presentation, ergonomic seating is essential. Conference room chairs should be easy to adjust and adapt to changes in the user’s posture. Steelcase’s SILQ chair is an ideal choice for conference rooms. SILQ is so highly responsive to users, the only adjustment mechanism it needs is for height adjustment. With this kind of intuitive adaptability, people are able to focus on the meeting, not on trying to get their chair adjusted just right.

modern conference room with long table and black chairs


Technology plays a vital role in today’s workplace. Everyone needs to feel connected, but it’s very easy for conference rooms to get overwhelmed with cords and cables. When designing a conference room, look for furniture and accessories that allow for a seamless integration with technology. Our Payback conference tables, for example, feature a base which helps conceal cords by directing them toward the floor and has the option for an integrated power unit which makes it easy to plug in devices. The PowerPod is another great option for conference rooms, offering both storage and a convenient way to plug in multiple electronic devices.

conference room with large windows and modern office seating


What supplies do you need to conduct meetings? Whiteboard markers? Cables for electronic devices? As essential as those items are, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them cluttering up the room. Don’t forget to look for storage solutions that will keep all those essential conference room items nearby.

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