Tools to Make Collaborating in the Classroom Easier

Social, face-to-face learning will always be an important aspect of education. Even as technology has grown to play a larger role in the classroom, the need for teamwork hasn’t gone away. Collaboration is an important part of modern active learning styles, but to make the most of the benefits active learning has to offer, active learning needs to be supported by flexible classrooms.

When it’s time for groups to work together, nobody wants to move heavy furniture to be able to do so. It’s definitely something students or teachers enjoy doing and it only slows down the learning process. Flexible seating goes a long way in making collaboration easier, but there are plenty of other ways to make it easier for students to work together.
students work in groups in active learning classroom

When you have lightweight and mobile classroom seating, like Node 5-Star Base Chairs or Buoys, it’s important to have tables that are just as easy to move around. Verb Tables are designed to support a variety of learning modes, featuring casters that allow students to seamlessly transition from listening to a lecture to working as part of a group. Verb Rectangle Tables are extremely versatile in the classroom while the unique shape of Verb Chevron Tables helps improve sightlines and support collaboration.
Girl pushes mobile whiteboard display in active learning classroom.

Whiteboards also remain a very important tool in the classroom, not just for instruction but for collaboration. When groups have small, personal whiteboards to work with, such as Verb Whiteboardsstudents have a simple, visual way to solve problems together. It’s easier for students to learn from each other, share information, and correct mistakes. For teachers, personal whiteboards offer a quick way to review student work and see if students are grasping new information and concepts.

Personal whiteboards are also an important tool to have when it’s time for groups to present information to the class as a whole. Since personal whiteboards are smaller than wall-mounted whiteboards, students just need to have a way to organize and display their boards for everyone to see. Mobile whiteboard easels are a perfect solution. Verb Whiteboard Easels include four shelves to display whiteboards on, as well as casters that make it easy for presentations to happen anywhere.
Three students collaborate in small group in active learning seating.

Modern classrooms include both analog and digital tools, but many classrooms struggle with limited access to electricity for those digital tools. Adding more outlets to a room is often easier said than done and being limited to outlets installed in walls can make it harder for students to work together. Thread is a portable power hub that makes it easy to add power outlets anywhere they’re needed in a classroom without construction.

Looking for more ideas to improve collaboration in your classroom? Our design team can help. When you schedule a callour team will learn more about your space and your needs so they can get to work finding solutions that work for you.
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