Redefining the Lounge Space with Office Coffee Tables

Lounge spaces can be the heart of an office. More than just a place to take a break, office lounges are highly productive areas where people can go whether they need to work together with a team or to focus on something by themselves. Even casual conversations can quickly turn into a meaningful discussion about work. But to make the most of all the energy people bring to lounges, people need the right furniture to support them.

The centerpiece of any highly functional lounge space is a great coffee table. Tables have a way of drawing people together and whether the space is being used for work or play, a table is necessary for people to be able to do what they need to do.

Three people sit in colorful lounge furniture in front of privacy screen

Versatile spaces call for versatile tables, and Bassline Tables by Turnstone are designed to make it easy to find a table that perfectly fits your space and reflects your unique style. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and options for laminate and paint, it’s simple to personalize a Bassline table to make it your own. With its modern yet timeless design, a Bassline table will make a stylish addition to your lounge for years to come. And if you need end tables to complement your Bassline coffee table, Bassline Box Top Tables are a natural match that create storage while serving as a functional worksurface.

Grey sofa with a tall back sits in lounge area with coffee table and plants.

For other elegant and versatile table options for your office lounge, look no further than our West Elm Collection. Lily Pad nesting tables are available in 20 inch, 18 inch, and 16 inch styles and can be ordered with an optional writable whiteboard tabletop that makes them a convenient tool for brainstorming and collaboration. These tables can be used individually on their own or arranged to create a more unique configuration. Need some end tables to match? Maisie Side Tables and Nolan Side Tables are two great options to consider.  

Lounge furniture sit on a rug with wooden coffee table in center.

Lounge spaces are meant to be warm and inviting and furniture made of natural materials like wood is a great way to bring a touch of warmth to any space. The Boerum Coffee Tablealso part of the West Elm Collection, adds an element of residential-inspired design to any office lounge. Best of all, Boerum tables are available in coffee and accent table sizes so it’s no problem to find side tables that work with your coffee table.

Lounge furniture in different shades of grey gathered together with pillows, a blanket, and other decor.

Jenny Coffee Tables can be so much more than just a coffee table. With its open design, Jenny Coffee Tables can easily be used to do things like store books and magazines or display plants and other decorative items. The possibilities are endless so there’s a lot of room to get creative. With a combination of Jenny Coffee Tables and Jenny End Tables, there are lots of opportunities to take your lounge areas to the next level. 

Need some more ideas for your office lounge? Browse our full selection of lounge coffee tables and lounge seating to see more options. 

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