Personal Storage Ideas for Your Team Members

Even as a growing number of companies decide to go paperless, clutter is still a big problem in many offices all over the world. No matter how much work is done digitally, people still need to keep some things around their desk to help them do their jobs. People also enjoy being able to personalize their workstations by displaying some personal items, which is something more and more companies are encouraging people to do as a way to celebrate individuality and add help people feel more connected to the workplace.

As valuable as it is to keep things on and around desks, it’s important to remember that there’s a very fine line between a desk having character and a desk being cluttered. Storage for personal items is essential for helping people stay organized and focused and it’s particularly important in open offices where cluttered spaces can very easily negatively impact the appearance of an office as a whole. In many cases, simply having access to storage tools can be all the encouragement people need to keep spaces organized.

Open office with group of desks and storage unit

Whether you’re looking for home storage or office storage, shelving is one of the most versatile storage options around. Bivi Depot Shelving not only provides lots of room to store personal items, it has a classic style that will look great in any office for years to come. Use it as a standalone shelving unit by placing it against a wall or using it to create space definition in an open office. It also seamlessly pairs with Bivi Desks to create very convenient desk storage.

Yellow storage trunk attached to desks

Bivi Trunks are another office storage option that works either as standalone storage or as part of a Bivi workstation. If you have workstations created with Bivi Tables for Twoa Bivi Trunk can easily be attached to the end of the workstations, extending the available worksurface and adding storage without taking up any extra space on your floor. The open cubbies on each end provide lots of space to store things like bags, books, and other personal items, with an open shelf on the front side that can be used for even more storage. Bivi Trunks are also available with attachable legs that can be used to create a freestanding storage credenza.

Storage unit with plants on top and office accessories inside

Another very effective way to deal with clutter is by finding ways to keep it out of sight. Campfire Mobile Cabinets provide lots of room to store personal items, but with an attached door, you never have to worry about your space looking cluttered or messy. Mobile Ped Cabinets are another excellent option for keeping things within arm’s reach, but hidden from view. Both of these storage solutions also have the benefit of having attached casters that make them easy to move around anytime you need to.

Desk storage boxes with books and binders

As you think about office storage, don’t forget to consider tools to help keep desktops neat and tidy. Desk storage tools like SOTO Pile Boxes, SOTO Personal Boxes, and SOTO Tool Boxes are perfect for keeping all those workplace essentials like papers, pens, highlighters, and notepads in order. SOTO Functional Screens can multitask by adding privacy and storage to a desk.  

Looking for more office storage ideas? Browse our full selection of office storage furniture and desk storage solutions to find more inspiration for your space.

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