Office Layout Ideas to Create Private Zones

Companies that choose to have open plan offices have a wide range of reasons for doing so. For companies that are going through a lot of growth and change, an open office may be a practical choice because of the flexibility they offer. In other cases, a company may simply want to promote transparency or encourage collaboration. But regardless of why companies choose open offices, it’s very important to remember that balance is the key to making them work.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to designing the perfect office. Finding a solution that ideally suits your team’s needs takes a lot of thoughtful planning. To help accomplish this, we recommend using different types of office zones to improve productivityThis can include spaces like collaboration zones, fun zones, and private zones.

Even though many people opt for open offices with the goal of improving productivity, research has shown that too much togetherness can hurt productivity more than it helps. Different tasks have different needs and private zones help give people the ability to work in environments that best support their needs. Wondering about how you can create private zones in your workplace? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Woman sitting in chair with privacy shade while writing on table

Focused Individual Work

As valuable as teamwork is, there will always be times when people need to be able to focus on a task by themselves. Small, semi-private spaces around the office can offer a comfortable retreat for people looking for a way to block out distractions.

Brody WorkLounges and Bivi Rumble Seat Hoodies are two very easy ways to go about doing this. Bivi Rumble Seat Hoodies are semi-transparent mesh screens that attach to Bivi Rumble Seat Sofas, instantly creating a semi-private space for one or two people.

Woman and man collaborate in private office area surrounded by privacy screens

Flexible Boundaries

Adding privacy in an office doesn’t have to mean putting up walls or partitions that would make it difficult to rearrange your space. Portable screens, such as Clipper Screensare a perfect way to create and reconfigure various types of private zones at a moment’s notice. Place one Clipper Screen around a lounge chair to create a space for solo work or use multiple Clipper Screens to create collaborative spaces for teams. The possibilities are endless. If you need to rework your office layout later on, Clipper screens are easy to move around or can be folded flat for convenient storage.

Purple lounge chair in corner space with mesh privacy screen

Defined Office Lounges

With the growth of mobile technology, office lounges have evolved to become a very popular destination for informal team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and solo work. Whether a lounge is being used for work or relaxation, using partitions helps create space definition and adds the privacy people crave. Campfire Screens feature a semi-transparent mesh that lets others know that people don’t wish to be interrupted, but still allows them to feel connected to the rest of the office.

Lounge are with privacy screens, side tables, and lounge seating as woman works

More Private Zone Ideas

Need more ways to create private zones in your office? Schedule a call with our planning assistance team. Once our design experts learn more about your space and your needs, they'll get to work planning a space your team will love. 

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