Limiting Office Distractions with Privacy Tools

Distraction is one of the biggest problems today’s workers need to deal with. Not only are there all those e-mail and chat notifications to stay on top of while you’re trying to work, conversations between colleagues and other activity around the office can make it very difficult to concentrate. But distractions aren’t just frustrating, they’re a major obstacle to productivity.

It’s estimated that the average office worker is interrupted or distracted every three minutes and that it can take an average of 23 minutes to return to a task after being interrupted. But when people have the right privacy toolsthey have a very effective way to filter out distractions and improve their focus at work.

Eliminating Distractions in Open Offices

When we talk about improving productivity in the workplace, we love the idea of creating several different zones around the office with varying degrees of privacy. In open plan offices, this helps create balance by giving people more control over the environments they work in. When people don’t have the option of being able to move somewhere, like an enclave or a semi-private lounge area, when they need to concentrate on something by themselves, it’s only natural that they would feel frustrated with their space.

Woman sitting in front of privacy screen while looking at phone

Mobile screens can be one of the most effective privacy tools an open office can have and incorporating them into your design doesn’t have to mean losing any flexibility in your space. Clipper Screens are one option that is ideal for dynamic spaces, featuring a lightweight design that allows people to create privacy on demand, whether it’s for an individual worker or a larger team. When no longer needed, Clipper Screens can be folded up flat for easy storage.

Two people sitting in a conjoined workstation separated by a privacy screen

Another great option is to add lounge seating with attachable screens. With a Bivi Rumble Seat Hoodie, for example, any Bivi Rumble Seat can instantly be turned into a retreat people can head to when they need to concentrate on their work. Brody Work Lounges are also available with optional screens to create a comfortable place for people to work without distraction.

Privacy Tools for the Desk

As work becomes more mobile, it’s very important to not lose sight of the fact that people still very often have a main workstation where they spend much of their time working. Many people primarily work on desktop computers, so picking up and moving elsewhere in the office when they need to focus just might not be an option for everyone. And even if people do have the ability to move around, their desk may simply be the most ideal place for them to work. Because of this, people need to have privacy tools that can help them focus at their workstation.

Modern office workstation divided by privacy screens

Sometimes, people don’t need a lot of extra privacy to be able to concentrate. They may just need a little something extra to block out some visual distractions around their workstation. Desk screens, such as Bivi Screens, Divisio Side Screens, and Privacy Screens, are an excellent solution. Since these screens directly integrate with desksthey’re very easy to install and don’t occupy any extra space on the floor. Not only do desk screens help people concentrate, they can serve other valuable purposes. Some styles of desk screens, like SOTO Functional Screenscan also provide functional storage space in addition to adding privacy.

Need more help finding the perfect privacy tools for your office? Schedule a call with our design team and our design experts will get to work planning a space that will help make distractions a thing of the past.

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