How to Create an Office Retreat for Improving Focus & Relaxation

A change of scenery can do you a lot of good. Ever notice that sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re away from your desk? It might seem contradictory, but taking a little bit of time to relax can actually help produce better work. Even the most focused worker in the office needs a break every now and then and being able to spend some time in a space with an informal atmosphere can help put your mind at ease so that you’ll be able to better focus on tasks.

Lounges are a perfect opportunity to create a comfortable in-office retreat where people can head when they need to relax, recharge, and refocus. If it’s time to give your lounge an upgrade, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

man reads in a office space with a privacy screen behind him

Define the Space

Spending time in an office lounge can make it feel like you’re getting away without actually leaving the office. But it can be hard to feel like you’re getting away when you can still see and hear everything else that’s happening around you. Privacy screens, like Clipper screens, are perfect for lounges in open-plan offices since they help define the lounge area and block out distractions, but they can easily be moved if needed.

modern office space with lounge furniture and man sitting to read

Have a Seat

Seating in an office lounge should make you feel right at home. But as you’re shopping for furniture, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t choose pieces that were designed for residential homes. As comfortable as the recliner or couch in your living room is, it wasn’t designed with work in mind. Office lounge seating will offer better ergonomic support and other features to help make it easier to work. The Massaud Lounge chair from Coalesse is both comfortable and functional, with an adjustable headrest and cord pass-through at the base which makes it easy to recharge your mobile devices while you recharge your mental batteries.

two students sit in lounge furniture as they study

Put Your Feet Up

No matter how comfortable a desk chair is, it’s always nice to be able to change your position throughout the day. Including ottomans and footrests in your lounge help encourage those healthy changes in posture. Seating with built-in footrests are another great option. The Hosu Convertible Lounge, for example, can fold out and allow you to stretch out.

women reading in lounge space on a couch with a table and three stools

Table Talk

Tables will always be useful in an office lounge. People heading to a lounge often have cups of coffee or laptops with them, or they might need a surface to be able to write things down. Many different styles of coffee and end tables will work well in office lounges, but why not look for tables that can multitask? Turnstone’s Campfire Paper Table can be used as a traditional table, but the tabletop can also be written on so it’s easy to take notes or work out an idea at a moment’s notice.

Need a Hand?

If you need any help planning the perfect office retreat, get in touch with our planning assistance team. Our design professionals can work with you to create a plan for a lounge that’s completely tailored to your needs.

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