How Sit & Stand Desks Help Employees Sit Less At Work

The human body simply isn’t meant to spend long amounts of time sitting still. It’s only natural to want to move around and change your posture throughout the day. While it’s important to get up and walk around from time to time, there’s no denying that people need to spend a significant part of their time at work at their desks and adjustable height desks are an effective way to help make that time healthier.

Taking breaks to move around not only helps people feel better, a growing amount of research shows that it helps people work better, too. In one Steelcase study examining the benefits of height adjustable desks, 47% of people who used adjustable desks for a year reported feeling less discomfort in the neck, back, and shoulders. 65% of respondents also said they were more productive at work and felt more refreshed and energetic.

Working at a standing desk has its benefits, but spending all day standing up might not be ideal for everyone. It’s very important that people have a way to find a balance that works best for them. Instead of choosing standing desks that stay in a fixed position, adjustable desks encourage movement in a way that gives people a greater degree of control over how they work so they can be their most productive.

Hand pressing button to transition height adjustable desk into standing height

Steelcase offers a variety of adjustable height desks that give people the power to effortlessly personalize their workstations to fit their own unique needs and preferences. Migration and Airtouch Desks can both be adjusted with nothing more than a light touch so that people can move around with minimal interruption to their workflow. Migration is available in a range of size options, making it a great option for spaces of all sizes. And since Airtouch Desks feature no electrical components, they can easily be placed anywhere you need them.

Home office space with height adjustable desk with office chair and treadmill attachment

To maximize the health benefits that come with standing desks, consider options that allow for  movement beyond going from a seated position to standing. Steelcase’s Sit-to-Walkstation Desk not only allows people to easily shift from seated to standing positions, it features a built-in treadmill to help people burn more calories throughout the day. Designing your space to encourage people to move is a great way to support wellness in the workplace, but treadmill desks like the Sit-to-Walkstation take that concept to the next level by making it convenient for people to be more active while doing work that would otherwise keep them sedentary.

Monitor riser on desk table to provide height adjustable working

If you want to take advantage of the benefits adjustable desks have to offer, you don’t even necessarily have to purchase completely new desks. Steelcase Active Lift Risers offer a convenient solution that lets you make the most of your existing furniture. All you have to do is place an Active Lift Riser on top of any traditional desk or table to transform it into an adjustable desk. With a simple one-touch lock-and-lift mechanism, it’s easy for people to work however they’re most comfortable.

Interested in finding more ways to support wellness in your workplace? Our planning assistance team can work with you to design a space that your team will love.

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