How Outdoor Office Furniture Encourages Employees To Work Outside

We’ve all had those days when the weather is so beautiful that it’s very hard to feel inspired to go to work. On a warm and sunny day, it can be extremely tempting to take a personal day so that you can head to the beach, visit your favorite hiking trail, or just spend a day in your own backyard. But when work needs to get done, it’s not always practical to actually go through with any of those ideas. However, going to work doesn’t necessarily have to mean being stuck inside all day long.

Biophilic design has been a major workplace design trend in recent years and many companies all over the world have been trying to reap its benefits by finding ways to bring elements of nature inside. Numerous studies have found that feeling connected to nature is an effective way to help people be happier, healthier, and more productive at work by reducing stress levels, boosting creative thinking, and improving memory and concentration. Instead of finding ways to bring a little bit of nature inside, why not bring work into nature by creating outdoor work areas? Mobile technology has made it possible for people to work anywhere they want -- they just need the right furniture to support them.

White outdoor lounge chairs in outdoor office space

No matter how nice the weather is, sitting on the ground can be very uncomfortable, so finding the right outdoor seating is vital for encouraging people to work outside. When creating outdoor office spaces, it’s important to steer clear of the types of outdoor furniture you might have at home. Plastic lawn chairs may be durable and easy to clean, but they won’t be very comfortable or supportive if you’ll be working in them for an extended amount of time. EMU Round Chairs and EMU Lounge Chairs are both excellent outdoor seating options that feature stylish modern designs and comfortable shapes that provide the comfort you need without sacrificing durability.

Patio chairs and tables lined up for outdoor office space for working

Whether working indoors or out, tables are always a workplace essential. Rather than opting for something like picnic tables for your outdoor office space, consider something like EMU Round Square TablesThese tables perfectly complement the full range of EMU outdoor seating from Coalessebut their simple, contemporary design allows them to effortlessly match a very wide range of outdoor seating styles.

Outdoor tables and chairs are just a starting point for creating an outdoor space that your employees won’t be able to resist. There are lots of different ways to get creative with an outdoor office. If you need some more design ideas, our Planning Assistance Team is here to help. Schedule a call today and our design experts will get to work planning a solution that works perfectly for you.

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