How to Incorporate Color in Creative Ways to Inspire Team Members

The colors that make up an office color scheme can be so much more than a simple aesthetic choice. Color can be an excellent way to incorporate branding into an office designbut office colors can also have a strong effect on your employees. For instance, blue and green are two popular color choices for offices since research into color psychology has found that those colors have a calming and restorative effect on people that helps them be more productive. On the other hand, bright colors like yellow can be a great choice for spaces where people should feel energized.

As you start thinking about the colors in your office, walls and floors are great places to start, but there are so many other ways to bring colors in. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

lounge sofas in front of large window face each other with a small table in between

Colorful Seating

From lounge sofas to desk chairs and guest seating, seating is a vital part of any office. Why not make it both functional and decorative? Campfire Big Lounges make a major statement in any office lounge and with so many upholstery color options to choose from, it’s easy to find one that seamlessly fits in with your office color scheme. For desk seating, Steelcase carries a large selection of office chairs that are engineered to provide continuous ergonomic support and are available in a wide range of color options. Think, Gesture, and Leap chairs are just a few examples. 

Is active seating more your style? Buoy Seating gives you lots of opportunities to get creative with color. When you order a Buoy, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of different cap and body colors so that you have a piece of furniture that truly stands out.

Two round ottomans sit around a collaborative table with a paper top in an open office area

Pops of Color

Bright, bold colors can add an energizing vibe to your office color scheme, but it’s also very easy for those colors to overwhelm a space. To bring some pops of color around the office without overdoing it, try adding them through accessories and smaller pieces of furniture. If you have a Campfire Sofa, consider pairing it with a Campfire Wedge. Not only would this create an armrest for your sofa, it’s a simple way to add a contrasting color. Adding some colorful ottomans is another great option. Bob Ottomans and Campfire Ottomans are both highly functional pieces that have many upholstery color options available.

Lounge space with ottoman and lounge chair in front of privacy screen with a storage credenza

Space Definition

Combining space definition and color is an excellent way to incorporate more touches of color into the office. One common complaint people have about working in open offices is that a lack of visual privacy can start to feel draining and colorful privacy screens offer a perfect solution to this problem. Clipper Screens can be set up quickly to create spaces for team collaboration or focused solo work and can easily be moved if you need to rearrange your space. If groups of people work together at workstations, you could try adding privacy screens to desks to better define individual work areas. Steelcase Privacy Screens are a very colorful way to add some privacy and give people a way to display personal items.

Need More Office Color Inspiration?

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