How Decorating Your Office Influences Your Company Branding

Space decor has a huge influence not only on how others interpret your brand, but on how well your employees perform in the space. With more hours being spent at work, it’s important to bring all the comforts of home to your workspace. Color, light and texture can determine whether your office branding creates a place people want to be or a place they’d rather avoid, which can then turn into a direct opinion about your company brand.

Here are eight things to consider when putting those finishing touches on your workplace to help emphasize brand values.

Personalizing Your Space

Help workers incorporate their personal items into your space. This may involve supplying magnets, pins or even Bivi storage so employees can incorporate photos or plants into their workspace.

Collaboration Space

Outfit walls with whiteboards for easy team collaboration. Consider adding a Campfire Paper Table to encourage brainstorming sessions in a casual setting.


Bring nature into your space to inspire a connection to the outdoors that people crave. Be sure to consider the type and amount of light available so plants can thrive in your workspace.


Area rugs help define space, creating the perception of “a room within a room”. For example, Coalesse’s designer rugs from the Arzu Modern Collection are customizable to complement your décor. A sense of intimacy is important to promote sharing of ideas.

Small Spaces Can Make a Big Impression

Embrace organization and storage. Purge unnecessary paper and objects to reduce clutter. Consider clever storage solutions to keep things you need close by and a dedicated place to manage items not regularly needed.


Bringing color into a space is one of the least expensive ways to transform and integrate your brand into a space, and make you feel more at home. Light blues and greens create the feeling of openness and serenity. Opting for light tones will make the space feel more intimate without feeling small. Be careful using dark or strong colors with high contrast in a small space--it can make a space feel too busy.


Build on available light, both natural and artificial. Consider task lighting on each desk for individual control. Avoid heavy window coverings and build on any available natural views. Be aware of glare, but make windows an architectural highlight.

Branding Your Space

You’ve spent time and money to create a consistent marketing, web and print presence--but does your space say the same thing? Browse our office design lookbook for space ideas and inspiration as you’re getting started.


By focusing in on space décor to improve your brand, you can create a place where employees want to spend their time growing your company to its full potential and give them all the comforts of home right in the workspace.

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