Give Your Office a New Look With the 2019 Summer Sale

Labor Day is all about celebrating the valuable contributions the workforce makes to society, but why should employee appreciation only happen one day a year? Replacing old, worn-out furniture or redesigning your office space is a gift your employees will be able to enjoy all year long and during the Steelcase Summer Sale, you’ll be able to get a great deal on many of the most popular products available from Steelcase, Turnstone, and Coalesse



Task seating plays a vital role in any office and during the Summer Sale, you’ll be able to save money on some of Steelcase’s most popular task seating solutions. Whether you’re looking for desk seating, conference room chairs, or seating for other collaborative spaces around the workplace, you’ll have lots of excellent options to choose from. 

Bring advanced ergonomic seating to your office with SILQ or Think Chairs. These chairs are both designed to intuitively respond to user movements, providing continuous support throughout the day with minimal manual adjustments needed to get comfortable. Gesture and Leap Chairs are two more of Steelcase’s most popular ergonomic seating options, both featuring technology that allows them to effortlessly keep up with user movements while providing the support people need. Browse our full selection of office seating for more options.



Every office has its own unique needs and when it comes to creating workstations, Bivi products make it easy to create a solution that’s tailored to you. Bivi desks have a modular design that makes them very easy to assemble and add on to as needed. All you have to do is start with a Bivi Table for One or Bivi Table for TwoIf you need to create a bigger workstation, no problem. A Bivi Add On (available in Plus One and Plus Two styles) can be attached in a matter of minutes. With your basic workstation in place, there are a wide range of Bivi accessories to help you create a workstation that better supports your team’s needs. Take a look at all Bivi products to get some more ideas.

Looking to add a new office lounge or brainstorming area? Turnstone’s Campfire Collection is all about bringing people together. Campfire Big Lounge and Half Lounge sofas are two customer favorites that help anchor a space. They work beautifully as stand-alone seating, or you can add curved sections to create a configuration that truly stands out.

Many other Campfire products can help take your lounge to the next level. Add some privacy or definition for your space with Campfire Screens or invite people to get comfortable with Campfire Footrests. For more inspiration, browse the full selection of Campfire products on Steelcase Store.

Products from Turnstone’s Bassline Collection also make excellent additions to office lounges. Bassline Tables are available in a wide variety of sizes and can make a beautiful centerpiece for an office lounge, while Bassline Box Top Tables are a great choice for end tables. If you’re looking for some storage solutions, Bassline Credenzas and Bassline Standing Storage combine style and practicality. 

Lounge furniture gathered around round coffee table on a shag rug


Coalesse products bring fine craftsmanship and elegant, modern design to all areas of the office, both inside and out. For outdoor office areas, EMU Round Tables and EMU Round Chairs are staple items to help invite people to take their work outside where they can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of fresh air and sunshine.

To create rejuvenating indoor spaces, finding the right seating is a key step in the process. With Hosu Sofas, Hosu Convertible Lounges, Massaud Lounges, or Bob Lounge Chairsit’s easy to create a lounge area that people will love spending time in. Or add a touch of luxury to conference rooms and meeting areas with Bindu Executive Chairs or Bindu Mid Back Guest Chairs

Ready to give your office a new look? The 2019 Steelcase Summer Sale runs from August 27 through September 11. For more help planning your space, schedule a call with our design team and we can work with you to design an office that will help your team be their most productive.

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