Get Your Office Ready for The New Year With the 2018 Holiday Sale

If an office upgrade is on the agenda in the new year, now is the time to start planning for it. The 2018 Holiday Sale is the perfect opportunity to save money on everything you’ll need to give your office a new look in 2019. During the sale, you’ll be able to save 15% on all products (excluding partner products) from Steelcase, Turnstone, and CoalesseNot sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

two SILQ office chairs facing each other at a table in a small meeting room


Give your employees the gift of comfortable ergonomic seating. Anytime a new year begins, millions of people around the world start focusing on their personal health and ergonomic seating is an excellent way to help promote wellness in the workplace. The sale includes some of Steelcase’s most popular styles of ergonomic seating, including Gesture, Leap, Amia, and SILQ, the newest addition to our selection of ergonomic desk seating. All of these options are designed to provide support for users as they move and change position throughout the day.

two women sitting a large conference table in a meeting area

Desks & Tables

Tables and desks are always a workplace essential and the Holiday Sale is a perfect time to save on tables of all sizes. Campfire Big Tables from Turnstone are excellent for cafés, conference rooms, and collaborative areas, while Campfire Slim Tables are side tables with endless possibilities. For growing spaces, Currency Martin Desks and Bivi Desks can keep up. Whether you need a single desk or a larger workstation, these desks are designed to grow with you.

woman reads on green ottoman with a standing height desk and chairs on the other side


From bookshelves to mobile cabinets, we have lots of storage solutions to keep your office organized. The timeless design of Depot Shelving and Currency Bookcases will make them a stylish addition to your office for years to come. For spaces with flexible layouts, Mobile Ped Cabinets are easy to move any time you need to rearrange. If you already have Bivi Desks in your office, Bivi Trunks can add extra storage space to desks or can be used for standalone storage.

PowerPod by Coalesse with multiple devices plugged in with a laptop and supply holder


It’s all about the details and accessories can go a long way in helping people produce better work. PowerPods, for example, not only provide storage, they’re a convenient way to increase access to electrical outlets while the dash mini lamp makes it possible for people to stay focused even during the darkest days of winter. In conference rooms and collaborative areas, Motif collaborative panels can help make it easier to share ideas and work toward solutions for problems.

Looking for more ideas? Browse more products here on Steelcase Store. The 2018 Holiday Sale runs from November 26th through December 7th. If you need more help planning your space, schedule a call with our design team to find a plan that meets your needs. 

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