Flexible Seating for the Ever-Changing Office

Workplaces are becoming more flexible than ever before. Rather than being anchored to their desks, people are enjoying the freedom of being able to pick up their laptop or tablet and work from spaces like lounges and cafés instead. Some companies are even doing away with the concept of having assigned workstations, giving people full control over where they work in the office.

As people become more flexible in the ways they work, the spaces they work in need to be able to adapt just as quickly. Sit-to-stand desksfor instance, have grown in popularity in response to this trend. But it’s also important to have seating that can be just as flexible.

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Responsive Desk Chairs for a Range of Users

Even as standing desks become more common, desk seating remains a workplace essential. And with their attached casters, desk chairs are a natural fit for flexible environments. But in offices with unassigned workstations where people might not necessarily use the same chair every day, it’s important to look for seating that requires minimal adjustments. That way, everyone is able to get comfortable quickly and stay supported without having to give it a second thought. Chairs like SILQ, Gesture, and Think are all designed to intuitively respond to user movements and changes in posture to provide continuous ergonomic support all day long.

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Active Seating On the Move

In offices where wellness is a priority, some styles of active seating allow users to take their seating with them as they move around during the day. Buoy Seatingfor example, features a curved base that engages core muscles and promotes good posture while encouraging users to move. And with built-in handles, users can effortlessly take Buoy from their desk to the conference room or office lounge.

Colorful poufs in an office lounge space with a lounge chair and modern decor

Impromptu Seating for Busy Lounges

Over the course of a day, an office lounge may need to support a wide range of needs from group collaboration to individuals taking a break in between tasks. Sofas help anchor a lounge, but supplementing them with flexible lounge seating helps make it possible for them to accommodate the many different ways lounges are used. Campfire Poufs, Bassline Benches and Alight Ottomans are all lightweight seating options that are perfect for spaces that may need to be rearranged at a moment’s notice.

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Stackable Guest Chairs for Convenient Storage

From lounges to conference rooms, guest seating plays an important role in any flexible office. To keep extra seating on hand without taking up a lot of extra room, stackable chairs, such as LessThanFive, Move, and Reply, are an excellent solution. 

Every workplace is unique and there is no one “one size fits all” approach to finding the perfect seating for your office. Browse our full selection of Steelcase office seating for more inspiration or schedule a call with our design team for more help finding the perfect seating for your space. 

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