Flexible Seating that Changes the Learning Experience in the Classroom

When it comes to education, there simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that is ideal for every student in a classroom. What works well for one student might not be a good fit for another. This isn’t just true of different pedagogies, it also applies to classroom chairs.

Think back to your days as a student. Did you ever have an assigned seat that put you behind a tall student and you had a hard time seeing what the teacher was doing? Or did you ever feel like you had an easier time absorbing information when you studied at home in a comfortable chair than you did while sitting at a desk in the classroom? Flexible seating helps eliminate these kinds of problems by giving students ownership over where they sit and how they sit so they can be their most productive.

three students group together sitting in chairs with wheels and storage compartments

Flexible seating supports active learning by making it easier for students to collaborate or move around based on the task being worked on. Chairs with wheels, such as Node 5-Star Base Chairsare ideal for flexible environments. When used in a classroom, a student can quickly move their seat to get a better view of the teacher or to work with others on an assignment. Some styles of wheeled chairs, like Node Tripod Base Chairscan also include features that help make learning even more convenient, such as built-in worksurfaces, tablet stands, and storage under the chair.

students sit on active sitting furniture in small groups in classroom

Another one of the biggest benefits of flexible seating is that it’s a way to help combat the negative health effects of sitting still for too long. Including styles of seating that allow for active sitting helps make sitting healthier and can benefit students who tend to fidget when they need to focus. Buoy seating is an excellent fit for classrooms, featuring a curved base that promotes good posture and engages a user’s core muscles. And weighing just 20 pounds, Buoys can simply be picked up and moved around if needed.

With flexible seating, every seat can be the best seat in the room. By giving students a sense of control over their educational experience, they are more likely to be engaged in the classroom and, most importantly, genuinely enjoy learning.

Are you interested in finding more ways to make your classroom more flexible? Contact our design teamOur designers can work with you and use their professional insights to plan a classroom that helps your students reach their full academic potential.

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