Elevating Resimercial Design With Steelcase’s West Elm Collection

The lines between offices and residential spaces are becoming more blurred than ever before. Resimerical design has become a growing trend in workplaces lately, and with good reason. When so much of our lives is spent at work, why shouldn’t that time be spent comfortably?

Steelcase has partnered with West Elm to create a collection of products that elevates the resimercial design trend. Bringing West Elm’s distinctive aesthetic together with Steelcase’s research, engineering, and operational capabilities allowed us to create a line of products that make people feel at ease, and can be used to create spaces that people genuinely want to spend time in while still being supportive of modern styles of work. Whether you need furniture for a lounge, a collaborative meeting area, or a private office, these are products that inspire productivity while supporting employee wellness.

Coffee tables have a way of inviting people to have conversations, and collaborate. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, tables the West Elm collection help bring people together anywhere in the office. If you’re looking to bring a rustic touch to your office, Boreum Coffee Tables are an excellent choice. The uniquely angled leg design adds a modern touch to the classic round shape of the table, while the wood brings an element of warmth to any space.

If you love the look of Boreum Coffee Tables, Stump Side Tables are a natural match. Stump Side Tables are made of solid Cypress tree logs, harvested from naturally fallen trees. They can be used individually next to chairs to support lamps or to give people a place to set their phones and drinks, or several tables can be grouped together to create a larger table that more people can gather around.

Elegant sofa with high back rests on a rug with side tables and plants

For an elegant and refined look, Mesa Coffee Tables could be just what you’re looking for. Mesa features a low-profile design with a sleek, stylish marble surface that’s durable enough to withstand years of heavy use. Horizon Square Nesting Tables and Lily Pad Nesting Tables are other great options to consider. Lily Pad Nesting Tables are available in a range of sizes and with different material options for the tabletop, including a dry erase surface that makes brainstorming sessions convenient.

Modular couch with wood platform and wood table sit in front of geometric wall

Timeless tables need equally timeless seating to go with them. West Elm’s Slope Chairs feature a modern, versatile style that can seamlessly fit anywhere in the office, from conference rooms to cafés. Slope Work Stools work very well in cafes, collaborative spaces, and any other area of the office where taller seating is needed. Imagine your reception area, lounge, or private office with Slope Lounge ChairsFor seating that can go anyplace you need it, look no further than Slope Guest ChairsRegardless of which style of Slope Chairs work best for you, you’ll have the assurance of knowing your chairs will not only hold up to years of use, the leather upholstery will develop a patina that will only grow richer over time.

Interested in bringing the West Elm collection to your office? Browse the West Elm products available on Steelcase Store for more seating, tables, and office accessories. If you need more help designing your space, we’re here to help. Schedule a call with our planning assistance team and we'll be happy to start planning a space that meets your needs. 

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