Designing an Office to Plan for Growth

Companies exist in a constant state of change. As people join a company and new business comes in, the things a company needs from their space begin to change. Startups in particular can have a difficult time planning offices, not just because of budget limitations but because of how quickly things can change. Once you’ve gone through the effort of designing a space, the last thing you want is to quickly outgrow it.

Offices with open layouts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, a trend largely driven by this demand for offices that can accommodate evolving needs. But how else can you go about planning a space for business growth?

open office environment with four conjoined desks and eight office chairs

Flexible Modular Furniture

Rapidly growing companies need furniture that can grow with them, which makes modular office furniture a perfect solution. Take Bivi Desks for example. A Bivi Table for Two offers an easy-to-assemble workstation for two people, but if more people join the company, a Bivi Add On makes it easy to turn it into a workstation that seats four or more.

Currency Martin Desks are another style of desk that works very well for growing companies. These desks work well as a standalone desk for one person, but multiple desks can easily be arranged to create a workstation for multiple people.

man setting up privacy screen in lounge area for privacy

Movable Screens

While open plan offices make it easy to rearrange as needed, it’s also important to create zones that support varying degrees of privacy. But creating privacy in an office doesn’t necessarily have to mean putting up fixed walls. Movable screens like Campfire Screens and Clipper Screens create space definition and provide privacy for different areas around the office, like lounges and designated quiet areas, without taking away any of the flexibility you need.
light weight chairs in a cafe space for easy collaboration

Lightweight & Mobile Furniture

If you think you might need to rearrange your office furniture anytime in the near future, lightweight furniture will help make the job much easier when the time comes. For seating, LessThanFive Chair from Coalesse is highly durable but weighs less than five pounds. Campfire Pouf is another very lightweight seating option that’s a perfect fit for lounges and collaborative spaces.

Don't forget about some of the other accessories you have around your office. Whiteboards are very helpful to have around the office and mobile whiteboards, like the Groupwork Mobile Screenmake it easy to move your whiteboards anywhere you need them to be.  

If you need some extra help planning a space that can grow with you, we’re here to help. Schedule a call with our Workplace Planning Team and we’ll create a plan for your space tailored to fit your needs.

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