Creating Your Own Library Space with Office Bookcases

As more and more companies are choosing to go paperless, that doesn’t necessarily mean office bookcases are becoming a thing of the past. Many companies still like to create their own office libraries that are stocked with books and other resources employees can reference in the course of their jobs. Libraries don’t even need to be work-related to be beneficial to employees. When office lounges have a small library with fun books to look at, people have a great way to give their eyes a rest from looking at digital screens.

Bookshelves can also be so much more than a place to store books. If you’re looking to add some unique touches to your office, bookshelves are a perfect place to display some decorative pieces or personal items. Those little touches can go a long way in bringing a sense of home and comfort to the office.

Modern bookcase against blue wall with accessories and books stored

Even a small bookcase can make a big difference in a space. Bivi Trunks work perfectly both as functional storage space and a place to display decorative items. The front-facing shelves and side storage provide lots of space for books, leaving the entire top of the unit open to display things like plants, lamps, framed photographs, and other decorations. It’s also a highly versatile storage option that can be used as a standalone credenza or be attached to a Bivi Desk without taking up any space on your floor.

Man reads on ottoman in front of storage bookcase.

Bivi Depot Shelving is another office bookshelf style that easily works as a place to store both books and decorations. With its residential-inspired design, Depot shelving helps bring warmth and personality to any workplace. Whether you need a low bookcase or something a little bit taller, Depot can work for you with two-shelf and three-shelf options available.

Tall and brown bookcase with office binders and storage bins.

Every office has its own unique needs for storage and whether you want a small place for decorations or create a larger office library, Currency Bookcases are a great option to consider. Currency Bookcases are available in 2-shelf, 4-shelf, and 5-shelf styles and regardless of which height works for you, their solid construction will make them a beautiful addition to your office for years to come.

Need more organizational ideas for your office? Browse our full selection of storage products for more options that suit a variety of storage needs.

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