Buying the Best Office Chair for Your Space

The first thing most look for in a new office chair is aesthetics. No matter how comfortable it is, if it doesn’t look good in your space, it’s a no-go. However, there are other things to think about when choosing “the one.” If you’re looking for a chair to fill your full workday needs, you’d better make sure it’s the one you need, want and love. If you’re picking out chairs for the entire office, these tips are good to keep in mind too.


Do your research. What spaces are you looking to fill with seating? Desks? Conference rooms? Lounge spaces? For all-day seating, you’ll want a chair with a lot of adjustability options. Whether it’s changing your basic chair mechanisms, foot ring height, or seat, back and arm adjustments, there are many varying levels of adjustability to meet the needs of many types of users. Keep in mind the features you want when you are shopping for your chair.

Conference room and guest chairs should quickly adjust to varying body types to avoid mid-meeting adjustment distractions. Chairs with deep pivot points for back flexibility or stools may be a better fit for lounge or touchdown spots. With these added comforts, your chair will do a better job at relieving tension and instead encourage postural change.This will help diminish distractions that come with discomfort and increase productivity throughout important meetings.


How much do you need your chair to move? If you’re in a space where you need to slide around, look for something on a smaller scale that helps you move around freely. If you’re looking for active seating that encourages increased mobility right where you are, check for seating that aids movement and postural changes. If you need seating that you can easily pull together to collaborate, check the size and weight dimensions before purchasing.

Choosing chairs with mobility features can enhance ease of collaboration within a workspace and eliminate awkward impromptu meetings standing behind a co-worker at their desks. For example, turnstone’s Buoy is designed to go where you go. Buoy not only lets you move and sit how you want, but it is also easily portable with lightweight design and a handle on the side to move around the workplace more efficiently.


Flexibility with your chair is vital. A good-sized range in adjustments allows multiple people—be they 6'4"or 5'4"—to use the same chair in a way that works for them. Be it lower-back firmness with curved lumbar support, quick movement in arms with height, width, pivot and depth adjustments, seat depth variation with the ability to slide the seat forward or back. These options provide a better fit for the unique worker.

A well-designed, ergonomically advanced chair will allow for a full range of healthy postures throughout the day and can contribute to worker wellness and productivity. With a greater range of technologies, user sizes, posture and motion, choosing the right seating will result in less time fiddling with a chair and more time focused on work.

Choose Wisely

Since the office chair is such an important and frequently used piece of furniture, you don’t want to skimp on quality. Knowing what adjustable features are available in your office chair, allow for your body to be fully supported and cared for throughout the workday. Your office desk and chair, like a mattress, are the two pieces to consider as investment pieces. Invest now and you won’t need to replace them in another year. Many offices that are able to, keep the same furniture for over 15 years! Choose wisely, and you can save on unnecessary furniture costs in the future.


As you move forward on picking out the best office chair for your workspace, consider choosing quality chairs that will increase productivity and help avoid distractions. With the added comfort, mobility and flexibility your office chair can provide for you company, your employees will thank you. 

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