Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Footrest at Work

The idea of sitting down and putting your feet up has long been associated with rest and relaxation. It’s something people often do when they get home after a long day of work, while they sit back to catch up on their email, read a book, or watch their favorite TV shows. But a footrest can have many more benefits to offer, whether at home or at work -- or while working from home.

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Posture Support

While ottomans can be excellent relaxation tools for living rooms and office lounges alike, ergonomic footrests are a simple and effective way to help you be more comfortable and productive at your desk. By pairing a footrest, like Desk Foot Rest, with an ergonomic desk chair, you can add an extra layer of support to your workstation. Improper posture can put a lot of strain on the body, leading to problems like back and neck pain and musculoskeletal disorders. A footrest can help counteract those issues by encouraging good posture.

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Reduced Pressure

Being comfortable shouldn’t be seen as being incompatible with being productive. When you’re trying to concentrate on something, few things can be as distracting as being uncomfortable and keeping a footrest near your desk gives you new ways to work as comfortably as possible. For example, some people who are on the petite side may have a hard time touching the floor with their feet while sitting in their desk chair. In a case like that, placing a footrest under the desk can help improve weight distribution and alleviate discomforts like pressure on the back of the legs. However, the added comfort of a footrest is something people of all heights can enjoy.

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Improved Circulation

Comfort at work should also be seen as being about promoting wellness. Not only can a footrest under the desk help prevent problems like back pain, it can also improve circulation and encourage movement during the day. Sit-to-stand desks make it easy to change postures while you work, but even while working at a standing height, it can still be nice to have a footrest nearby so that you can shift your weight. A Campfire Footrest can easily be repositioned for use while sitting or standing.

Does it feel like your workstation is missing something? You might be surprised by the difference an ergonomic footrest can make. Or try adding other accessories like desk organization tools or tools for technology support. Whether you’re working in the office or at home, sometimes, the little things can make the biggest difference.

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