Bivi Buying Guide

    Getting Started With Bivi

    One desk, endless possibilities. With a sleek, modern design that invites you to bring your own unique personality into the workplace, Bivi Desks from Turnstone provide a starting point for meaningful work. Whether you need a desk for one person or a larger group, Bivi can work for you. 

    Bivi Desks are very flexible, available in a range of finish and laminate colors and many different possibilities for configuration. All you need to get started is a Bivi Table for One or a Bivi Table for Two. Need to create a larger workstation? No problem. Bivi is made to grow. 

    How Bivi Grows With You

    Companies exist in a constant state of change and no matter how much you grow, Bivi is designed to keep up. Bivi’s simple, modular design allows it to easily evolve from a single desk for one or two people to being a workstation for three, four, or more. 

    As more people join your team, there’s no need to start from scratch by buying entirely new desks. Bivi desks can be extended with add-on sections in increments of one or two desks at a time, allowing you to build a workstation that’s the exact size you need. 

    When the time comes to rearrange your space or move into a new office, Bivi helps make moving a snap. Regardless of how you choose to configure your Bivi desks, they can easily be taken down and reassembled in a matter of minutes with one easy-to-use tool. 

    Accessorizing Your Bivi

    A basic Bivi Desk is just the beginning. Not only are there many different ways to configure Bivi desks, there are lots of other ways to customize them even further. A wide range of Bivi accessories are available to help you create a workstation that better supports the needs of your employees. Here are just a few ways you can use accessories to make Bivi your own:

    Multimedia Workstation: Power up your employees. With integrated power outlets and a monitor mount, Bivi can be turned into a multimedia-driven workstation that makes it easy for people to share information and collaborate. Every table frame also features Bivi Trough as a structural component designed to help manage cables and power cords. 

    Privacy & Personalization: Want to add a little privacy to a workstation? Bivi Screen are all you need. These steel screens not only offer the privacy people often long for, they also give people a way to personalize their desks with things like personal photos or a Bivi Markerboard. Bivi Screens are also available in a tackable style that can either be used as freestanding screens or be mounted in a Bivi Trough. 

    Storage & Organization: From papers to personal items, there are a wide range of Bivi storage options to help keep workstations organized. If you have employees who often ride bikes or skateboards to work, Bivi Bike Hooks and Board Racks give people a safe place to store their rides while they work. When a Bivi Arch is added to a desk, hooks and holders can be used to store things like coats, bags, books, snacks, and more. Bivi Trunks can be attached to a desk and offer a stylish way to store personal items while adding a little extra surface to a workstation. Bivi Side Storage adds storage and division between desks.  

    Create a Lounge: When it’s time for a break, you don’t have to go far to find a comfortable place to relax. Bivi Rumble Seats can be used as a standalone sofa or be attached to a Bivi workstation to make it convenient for people to change their posture throughout the day. 

    Bivi Power

    With a Bivi workstation, it’s easy to add power outlets where they’re most needed. Bivi Integrated Power Outlets are power solutions designed to be installed in Bivi Tables as quickly and simply as possible. To get started, choose the power option that works best for your workstation:

    • One Pack: Powers up a Bivi Table for One

    • Two Pack: Powers up a Bivi Table for Two

    • Four Pack: Powers a Bivi Table for Two and a Plus Two, creating enough power for four individuals

    When choosing your power supply, it’s important to keep these guidelines in mind for best results. If you add onto a Bivi table over time, you’ll also need to make sure the power supply grows along with it. For example, one Four Pack will better support the needs of a four-person workstation than four One Packs. 

    Two Pack and Four Pack power units feature interlink technology that links up to the four units while only requiring one building outlet to power the setting. The interlink technology is cleverly color-coded to make it easy to identify where connections need to be made. 

    All Bivi integrated power outlets are available in two different style options: four standard power outlets or a combination of power outlets, USB ports, and open ports for data/communication. 

    Help From the Pros

    Need help deciding how to configure a Bivi workstation? Interested in finding more ways to customize your Bivi? Our planning assistance team is here to help. Schedule a call so that we can learn more about your workspace needs and we’ll get to work finding a solution that works perfectly for you.