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Looking to add movement to your day? Buoy’s curved base, rocking motion and height adjustability engage your core and promote good posture.

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Product ships in 7 to 14 days

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Five inches of height adjustability and the freedom to wobble, swivel and tilt make Buoy an instant classic. Grab this active seat and go when creativity demands portability, or stay put at your desk for high focus tasks. You’ll love the sleek style and simple lines of Turnstone’s modern take on a seat.

  • 18” diameter upholstered cap – available in 25 fabrics to add color to your space
  • Built-in handle – used to adjust height and easier to carry
  • Plastic canister – easy cleaning and maintenance of the Buoy base. For an even easier cleaning experience on the cap, choose the Merle Durable Foam Cap
  • Pnuematic cylinder height adujstment – 5 1/2” range to fit all sizes
  • Curved base – rocks to encourage active sitting

Learn more about Buoy on myturnstone.com

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Can the caps be replaced to swap out colors or are they permanently adhered to the stool?
1 answer(s)
How much weight does the buoy support?
1 answer(s)
I want a buoy with the Anagram Electric cap. Q: What color canisters work well other than the blue? Q: Does the fabric have white in it? Q: Is the grey canister a true grey or is it more of a beige and does the cap have that color in it?
1 answer(s)
Do you have samples of your cap fabrics available to view online? There are some nice photos in the PDF, but they are not labelled.
1 answer(s)
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