File Cabinet Rails

File Cabinet Rails accommodate side-to-side filing of letter, A5 international and legal-size files.

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When determining which file folder bar to choose, please determine your Steelcase cabinet's date of manufacture. 

How to find your Steelcase file cabinet number:

  • 5 high lateral file: Open the top door (do not push it back). The label will be on the underside of the top
  • 2-4 drawer lateral file: Open the top drawer to find the label on the left side of the drawer body

2 Steps to help you determine the correct file folder bar:

Determine your lateral file's date of manufacture:

  • Open file drawer. If the inside drawer is black, the cabinet was manufactured after 5/5/1997
  • If the inside of the drawer is the same color as the outer cabinet body, the cabinet was manufactured before 5/5/1997

Determine your file bar size

  • Measure the full width of the cabinet (not the inside drawer body) and order the corresponding file folder bar size
  • *File bars are determined by the outside width of the file, not by the inside drawer body

Helpful hints:

  • How do you know this is a Steelcase product? Look at the lock on the cabinet! You will see the letters "FR" or "XF" on the lock if this cabinet is a Steelcase product.
  • File bars are ordered by the width of the file, not by the inside drawer size
  • File bars are for side to side filing. Rail is for front to back filing.

If you find we do not have your product listed, please contact your local authorized dealer. Your local dealer has access to a full range of file folder bars for the full family of Steelcase products.