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Buoy is a seat as active as you are. Its contoured base helps you tilt and swivel, engaging your core and keeping you moving throughout the day. And, weighing at just 20 pounds, Buoy is portable making impromptu collaboration effortless.

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  • 1Cap

    Caps are available in more than 25 fabrics including designer fabrics and patterns.
  • 2 Core

    Buoy’s core can range from 17 inches to 22, fitting any body type with ease.
  • 3 Handle

    Use the handle area as a quick way to grab and transport your Buoy, or for easy height adjustment.
  • 4 Base

    The curved base encourages active sitting. After all, people are not supposed to stay planted in one spot all day. Five degrees at rest, up to 12 degrees at play. 


Experts say making frequent posture changes helps combat negative effects from all-day sitting. Buoy’s has 5 inches of pneumatic height adjustability and 12 degrees of tilt prompting your core muscles to fire and keeping you alert and focused on the task at hand.