Buying furniture is a big decision. Clearing out your existing space, deciding what you need and getting set up and running doesn’t have to be hard—we can help. Our articles aim to take the headache out of your purchasing process so you can spend more time working in the space you love and less time wondering how to build it.

Advice From Realtors
The world of commercial real estate can be difficult to understand. To help provide a clearer path for you to follow, we’ve asked our realtor contributors in Boston and San Francisco for their take on some of the most common questions that small-business owners have.

Buying An Office Chair
If you’re looking for a chair to fill your full workday needs, you’d better make sure it’s the one you need, want and love. If you’re picking out chairs for the entire office, these tips are good to keep in mind too.

Buying Office Storage
The office is changing—for the better. There’s less paper and less need for traditional storage solutions. Because of this, options for office storage are endless. Picking the right option for your workspace depends on what you’re storing. Here are a few ideas.

How to Clean Out Old Furniture
When relocating your office, it’s only natural to end up with a pile of unwanted and outdated stuff. Instead of tossing your unneeded furniture, electronics and other items, consider these solutions.

Decorating and Branding Your Space
Space decor has a huge influence not only on how others interpret your brand, but on how well your workers perform in the space. Color, light, texture, even scents can make your office a place people want to be, or a place to avoid.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture
Purchasing office furniture requires practical considerations beyond aesthetics. Furniture may look nice, but if your employees go home with neck aches every day or aren’t productive in the space, your business won’t thrive. 

Preparing for Furniture Delivery
Plan for the arrival of your new stuff so the delivery and setup process can go more smoothly. Here’s what you should consider before the delivery gets to your office door.

Tips for Planning Your Space
When planning out a large space, the best thing to do is break down the space into specific areas. Define zones by task, need, interaction and workflow and it’ll make deciding on furniture a lot easier.