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Verb. Perfect tools for learning.
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Collaborative Learning

Verb tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work.

Corporate Training Rooms

The Verb Collection is designed for mobility, communication & collaboration in corporate learning spaces.

Verb Learning Collection.

Verb™ is an integrated, mobile collection for classrooms and corporate learning spaces designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

Research in motion.

Based on research and designed for active learning, Verb is mobile, easily reconfigurable, and designed to work seamlessly together to address both student and instructor needs.

The perfect tools for learning.

Verb provides a comprehensive learning environment including solutions for lecture, team projects, discussion/presentation and test modes.

Build your solution.

Offers an integrated collection of components:  tables with innovative shapes and features that support learning and collaboration in new ways, personal whiteboards that are large enough to share and collaborate with a team, presentation display utilizing the mobile easel and wall tracks and new ways to support instructors.

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Verb. Perfect tools for learning.
Start your collection today.

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  • Verb Chevron Table

    from $469

    5/5 stars
    Verb Chevron classroom tables improve sight lines, encourages collaboration and provide a variety of storage options.
  • Verb Team Table

    from $489

    Verb Team Table was designed as a classroom group table, encouraging collaboration, while maintaining personal work space.
  • Verb Rectangle Table

    from $449

    Verb Rectangle Table supports collaboration in the classroom while providing storage options - from the Verb Education Furniture Collection
  • Verb Whiteboards

    from $119

    Verb double-sided whiteboards provide display options around the classroom and privacy when used with Verb tables. Buy a whiteboard easel here.
  • Verb Mobile Easel

    from $919

    Verb Easel is a mobile display and storage solution for Verb Whiteboards - part of the Verb Education Furniture Collection
  • Verb Wall Track

    from $169

    Verb Wall Track displays and slides multiple whiteboards around the classroom or training room - part of the Verb Education Furniture Collection
  • Verb Instructor Station

    from $919

    Verb Instructor Station is a teacher table perfect for classrooms & corporate training rooms -from the Verb Education Furniture Collection