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Style. Intuition. Sustainability.

German designer Glen Oliver Löw says of the creation of the Think chair, “Design isn’t just about style. It’s about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent. Think is a truthful chair, the result of open dialogue between engineers, environmentalists, and the designer.”

Löw worked as the design partner with Antonio Citterio, Italian furniture and industrial designer, for over a decade. Together the duo worked with the Steelcase team  to create accessible, clean, modern chair designs. Today, Löw continues to create designs that are transparent in their function. He says, “Transparency means that you show each component of the chair, that you can read its structure and understand how it works.”

The Research

The simplicity of Think is the result of a combination of learning based on scientific research, collaboration with universities, and our own observational research.

The Design

German designer Glen Oliver Löw says of the creation of the Think chair, "Design isn't just about style. It's about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent."

Think Adjustability Video
(2:53 min)

Think is intelligent enough to understand how you sit and adjusts itself to you. A few easy-to-use controls let you fine tune the fit throughout your workday.

Think Mini Site

Think is the result of collaboration between designers, engineers, and environmental consultants. Listen to what they say about Think design and development.

Think Fit

Innovative back flexors hug your spine and work in tandem with flexors in the seat, automatically changing shape to follow with your every move.

Think Orientation

Your Power™ Mechanism moves with you while you recline, keeping you oriented to your work and providing support just where you need it.

Think Movement

Your Profile™ Seat and Back matches your bodies every wiggle. Individual flexors follow your individual contours to provide optimum support along the entire length of your spine and upper legs.

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