Siento by Steelcase

Designing for the Environment - C2C Certification

Siento is MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified. Siento uses environmentally conscious chemicals and materials, all while using as little energy and fresh water in its production as possible.

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4.7/5 stars
(based on 3 reviews)

Perfectly refined. Inside and out.

Siento is sleek. Sophisticated. And amazingly comfortable, thanks to LiveBack® technology embedded in the seatback. As you move, the back flexes, automatically changing its shape to support the entire length of your spine. So whether you’re leaning forward, reclining, or somewhere in-between, your chair conforms to your movement. All you feel is comfort.

  • LiveBack®

    The seatback flexes to match your movements, providing full support for your entire spine, including the lower back.
  • Back Tension

    Set the amount of resistance that you want as you recline.
  • Back Lock

    Lock the backrest in an upright position with a one, simple motion or unlock it for full- range motion.
  • Build your Siento

    Options in leather.
    • Ebony
    • Espresso
    • White
  • Seat Height

    Siento’s pneumatic adjustment makes changing the seat height easy.
  • Flexible Seat Edge

    Automatically flexes to relieve pressure on the back of your legs when you recline or lean forward.

Dimensions and Adjustability:

  • Seat Height:

    16" to 21”
    Adjusts for different statures.
  • Seat Depth:

    Mid-back: 17"
    High-back: 17.5"
    Ample support for the upper leg.
  • Seat Angle:

    Automatically adjusts for reclining.
  • Back Height from Seat:

    Mid-back: 24"
    High-back: 31.5"
    Ample support for people of all sizes.
  • Arm Height from Seat:

    Accommodates different arm lengths.
  • Arm Width:

    Ample space for arm movement.
  • Tension Control:

    Adjusts “push back” when reclining.
  • LiveBack®:

    Mimics natural spine shape as you move.
  • Head Rest:

    Adds comfort when reclining.
  • Overall Depth:

  • Overall Width:

  • Overall Height:

    40" to 45"
  • Shipping Box:

    29"L x 29"W x 49"H
  • Delivery Weight:

    76 lbs.


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Glass-reinforced nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • 100% leather


No assembly required, the Siento chair is ready to use out of the box.

Care Instructions

  • Plastic and painted parts: Clean often using household cleaner (Fantastik® or 409®) and wiping with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Leather: Dust occasionally with a clean, dry cloth.


The Siento chair was designed to be an environmentally responsible product.

  • Made of up to 28% recycled content and 91% recyclable.
  • PVC-free and chrome-free.
  • Standard leather is chromium-free, which eliminates a heavy metal from the tanning process and makes the leather safer to re-use or dispose of at the end of the product's useful life.
  • Crade-to-Cradle Certificate – Silver awarded by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)
  • level™ 2 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard.