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Our research into healthy sitting uncovered new things about how office chairs should support office bodies. What we found was this: when you spend most of your workday sitting, you need to move. A lot. Having the right support every time you shift position helps you stay comfortable. Nimble. Ready to focus on whatever comes next.

The Research

Four years of research, 27 scientists, 11 studies and 732 test participants. The result: important discoveries about how people sit, new approaches to advanced seating technology and the solution we call "Leap".

The Leap chair’s back moves as your back moves. Leap is designed to move with your arms and adjust to your perfect seating position quickly and easily. Leap is ergonomically designed to increase your overall level of comfort and keep you comfortable all day long.

Comfort does make a difference in how much you can get done during your workday. In fact, in a year-long study, people who received the Leap chair and office ergonomics training achieved a 17.8% increase in productivity than the control group who sat in other office furniture all day. What could you do with an increase in your productivity by 17.8%?

The Testing

The Spineflex

The Spineflex concept helped us develop a way to quickly and automatically change the shape of the chair’s back to mimic natural spinal movement.

The Glide

Reclining in conventional chairs pulls your head, arms and hands away from your work, and your line of sight angles upward. The Glide model explored how much seat glide was needed to keep people oriented to their work as they recline.

The Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee prototype combined concepts from The Spineflex and The Glide in one chair. Early versions of adjustable arms were also tested on this model.

Tennis Ball

Our work with the Bumble Bee revealed that separate upper and lower back controls were missing ingredients. Long springs on the Tennis Ball prototype allowed for the testing of different force levels.

The Results

Leap Fit Video
(33 sec)

Leap easily adjusts to fit everyone.

Leap Movement Video
(27 sec)

Leap moves with you and adjusts to you in order to maximize your comfort.

Leap Orientation Video
(33 sec)

Leap is designed to keep your eyes on your work without you having to change your perspective.

Leap Mini Site

Leap really is a healthier way to sit.

The Awards

Best Overall Desk Chair
Wall Street Journal (January. 2005)

Most Innovative Design Award

Editor's Choice Award

Best of NeoCon Gold Award: Desk, Workstation, Task Seating

Grand Prize, Workplace Productivity
Buildings Magazine: Innovations Awards