Tech/Visual Display. New ways to share.

Classrooms are ever-evolving to new modes of technology. To prep your room for tech shifts, we've created mobile whiteboards, display screens, interactive boards and advanced projection technology. This allows new ways for students to create, develop and share and you the ability to continue bringing the future forward.

Free Stand
from $399

Choose where to work with Free Stand. This table is foldable, height adjustable and lightweight; everything you need to move around.

ēno classic
from $1949

ēno is where ideas take shape. It’s three boards in one: an interactive board, a markerboard and a magnetic surface. All without cords or cables.

Groupwork Mobile Easel
from $649

A multi-function markerboard you can roll anywhere you need it. A dry-erase board on one side. Tackboard on the other. Flip chart pegs along the top.

Groupwork Mobile Screen
from $419

A simple way to add markerboards to any room. Move them where you want them. Use both sides. Nest them together when you’re done.

Verb Whiteboards
from $119

Verb double-sided Whiteboards provide multiple display options around the classroom and also provides privacy for testing when used with Verb tables.

Verb Wall Track
from $169

Verb Wall Track displays and slides multiple whiteboards around the classroom or training room .

Eyesite Monitor Supports
from $419

A flat panel monitor support arm that lets you adjust your monitor to where its comfortable for you, rather than forcing you to adjust to a fixed position.

FYI Monitor Arm
from $249

FYI helps to address a long-established workplace hazard: eyestrain. Adjusting the FYI Monitor Arm is instantaneous and effortless, requiring no mechanical adjustments at all.

from $289

Sonet, is an office white noise machine that masks conversations and increases privacy. Works in office spaces up to 200 sq feet.