Classrooms. New ways to support learning.

Today's classrooms use a mix of lectures, group work and individual work. To keep students engaged, classrooms need to rearrange fast--sometimes even during the same class period. Our furniture is adaptable, flexible and easy to move at a moment's notice.

from $309

Mobile and flexible, node chairs move easily. Line them up for a lecture. Or group them for a team. With node, changes are fast, without interruption.

Node 5-Star Stool
from $399

Collaborative classroom seating offering flexibility and mobility. Open seat shell design in many colors.

from $479

Flexes where you need it. Supports you where it counts. cobi actually matches your moves, so you always stay comfortable.

Reply Chair - Mesh in Color
from $539

A Steelcase mesh chair that's comfortable, budget-friendly and available in many colors.

from $539

Qivi moves with you to increase focus, energy and productivity. A stylish chair and solution to home office chair needs.

from $199

Buoy by Turnstone is a healthy, stability office chair, for active sitting. People move, adjust, wobble, spin and tilt and so does buoy!

from $189

Simple and sleek and light in weight. Domino chairs can go anywhere, with quick-connect glides that lock together fast any time you need tidy rows.

from $249

Colorful. Slim. Durable. Stackable. And thanks to our exclusive LiveSeat ergonomic technology, Move’s comfortable for every body.

from $349

Black glass-filled nylon frame. Exceptionally durable and easy-to-clean for a longer life. Flexible slotted seat and back evenly distribute body weight. Balanced "rocker" movement.

Groupwork Desk
from $348

Pure, clean lines are easy on the eye in a desk that’s ideal for solo studies or collaboration. You choose the tabletop and the legs to make it your own.

Currency Martin Desk
from $418

For its minimalist and spacious profile, Currency Martin Desk fits well in any home or office setting.

Verb Chevron Table
from $469

Verb Chevron Table improves sight lines, encourages collaboration, providing a variety of storage options.

Verb Team Table
from $489

Verb Team Table is designed for group work that requires collaboration, while maintaining personal work space.

Verb Rectangle Table
from $449

Verb Rectangle Table supports collaboration in the classroom while providing storage options.

Verb Whiteboards
from $119

Verb double-sided Whiteboards provide multiple display options around the classroom and also provides privacy for testing when used with Verb tables.

Verb Mobile Easel
from $919

Verb Easel is a mobile display and storage solution for Verb Whiteboards.

Verb Wall Track
from $169

Verb Wall Track displays and slides multiple whiteboards around the classroom or training room .

Verb Instructor Station
from $899

Verb Instructor Station is a desk/lectern combination perfect for classrooms & corporate training rooms.