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Customer Stories

Verb at Coastline

See what happens when two classes at Coastline Community College experience a Verb classroom for the first time.

Verb at Newmark

The Newmark School is focused on providing a positive learning environment for its special needs students. See how they are using space as a strategic tool to help students reach their full potential.

Node Case Study

Universidad Mariano Galvez

Node changes the face of classrooms at a private university in Guatemala.

Node Chair

Node classroom chairs are flexible, mobile and collaborative. Base houses backpacks. Multiple colors available. Buy Now »


A Great Chair for Active Learning:
turnstone's Buoy

Moving is good for you. Which is why Buoy swivels, turns, tilts, and moves up and down. It’s active sitting. It keeps our bodies active and our minds sharp.


Buoy by Turnstone is a healthy, stability chair, for active sitting. People move, adjust, wobble, spin and tilt and so does buoy! Buy Now »

Active Learning

Inspired by Steelcase primary and secondary research and insights, active learning is the foundation of our solutions developed for students and educators. Learn more below and in our Insights + Application Guide about how to design for every space on campus.


Movement is key to active learning. When students can move about easily, they are more interactive, collaborative, comfortable and engaged in class. Just as there are a variety of ways in which we learn, there must also be a variety of spaces in which learning occurs.


Learning involves a variety of posture: stand-up conversations, groups gathered in discussion, a long project work session around a table covered with materials, etc. Students need tools that support collaborative learning both before and after class.

Faculty Office

Faculty offices are set up for private individual work but often need to function as reception areas, collaboration spaces, storage closets, research centers, etc. An instructor's continual process of teaching, researching and learning is now as much a team sport as an individual effort.

Media Lab

Steelcase research indicates that two types of computer spaces remain popular: 1. media labs for individual work by students, faculty and staff; and 2. computer pods dispersed in different buildings and used for planned group work and impromptu individual tasks.