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All-day comfort + high-level performance.
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Simply Classic

Day-long comfort in a timeless design. Crew makes chair adjustments effortless, with simple, intuitive controls, right at your fingertips.

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3.7/5 stars
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Call it sleek. Call it classic. Call it proof that all-day comfort and a high level of performance can be simple. Every detail is cohesive and works together to create a tailored aesthetic. And with its intuitive, user-centered adjustments, Crew performs like a champ, delivering good ergonomic support for everyone.

  • Back Height

    Fit the height of the seat back to your preference in just a few seconds. A quick pull on two tabs is all it takes.
  • Upright Back Lock

    Long-term comfort means changing your position throughout the day. To lock the backrest upright, lean forward and flip the lever down. For full-range motion, just flip the lever up.
  • Tilt Tension

    You set the amount of resistance that you want as you recline.
  • Arm Height

    A simple trigger mechanism puts arms at the right height. Important support not only for wrists and forearms, but shoulders and neck too.
  • Arm Width

    Arms slide in and out easily so that your arms are properly aligned for the task at hand.
  • Pneumatic Seat Height

    The correct seat height can make all the difference. It's easy with Crew – just move a lever.
  • Fabric Colors

    Build your Crew.

    Lots of options in fabric color. You make the choice.

Dimensions and Adjustability:

  • Overall Depth: 26"

  • Overall Width: 26-1/2"

  • Overall Height:

    39-5/8" to 44-5/8"
    Crew Stool:
    43-1/2" to 56"
  • Package weight: 66 lbs.

  • Package dimensions:

    25"L x 27"W x 43.5"H
  • Seat Height:

    16" to 21"
    Crew Stool:
    22-1/4" to 32-1/2"
    Adjusts for different statures
  • Seat Depth: 18"

    Comfortable for different leg lengths
  • Seat Width: 19-1/2"

    Accommodates people of all sizes
  • Back Height from Seat: 21-1/4" to 23-1/2"

    Adjusts to properly support your spine
  • Back Width: 19"

    Supports everyone comfortably
  • Width Between Arms: 17-3/4" to 19-1/2"

    Adjusts for added comfort
  • Arm Height from Seat: 7" to 11"

    Accommodates different arm lengths
  • Arm Cap Width: 3-1/2"

  • Arm Cap Length: 9"


  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Nylon
  • Urethane foam
  • Polyester fabric


Minor assembly required. The Crew chair is ready to use out of the box.


Buildings Magazine's Citation of Excellence Award (2005)

Care Instructions

Plastic and painted parts — Clean frequently. Apply household cleaner (such as Fantastik® or 409®) and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Fabric — Use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. Do not steam clean. Most stains can be removed by applying a mild soap to a slightly damp cloth, then rubbing it gently over the stain. Wipe dry.

The heart of a classic

Designed by San Francisco-based Brian Kane, Crew looks simple yet is highly refined in both function and aesthetics. The sleek, angular base. Streamlined arms. Optional platinum finish. Square back shape. Thoughtful, intuitive adjustments. Every detail of Crew is designed to work together and provide good ergonomic support for just about every body. All of which makes it a great choice for your office.

All-day comfort + high-level performance.
Buy your Crew chair today.

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