Smart moves.

Flexes where you need it. Supports you where it counts. cobi actually matches your moves, so you always stay comfortable.

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Comfortable collaboration.

We created a whole new category of seating products designed specifically for the needs of collaboration. The cobi chair was designed specifically to foster collaboration and was based on three key research observations that resulted in three key insights:

  • Chairs should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time
  • Adjustments should be automatic and intuitive
  • Chairs should support multiple postures

The cobi chair encourages movement and supports a variety of postures. With only one adjustment (seat height), and a mechanism that’s weight activated and senses and supports your own center of gravity, anyone can get comfortable quickly.

  • Flexing Top Edge

    Allows users to rest their arm on top of the chair, supporting a variety of postures.
  • Seat Height

    Accommodates different heights and leg lengths. To raise chair, lift body weight up and pull lever up. To lower chair, remain seated and pull lever up.
  • Flexing back

    Provides comfort and support, while contouring to any posture the body needs.
  • Flexing seat

    Encourages users to move and shift, allowing users to sit centered or off to the sides.
  • Weight-Activated Mechanism

    Sensing your center of gravity, it adjusts to the position that will put the least amount of stress on your body, while still keeping you properly oriented and supported.
  • Fabric Colors

    Build your cobi.

    Lots of options in fabric color. You make the choice.

Dimensions and Adjustability:

  • Overall Depth:

  • Overall Width:

  • Overall Height:

    34.25" to 39"
    40" to 50"
  • Seat Pan Angle:

  • Seat-to-back Angle:

    97° to 104°
  • Seat Height from Floor:

    15 1/2" - 20 1/2"
    21" - 31"
  • Seat Depth:

  • Functional Seat Depth:

    17 7/8"
  • Seat Width:

  • Back Height from Seat:

  • Back Width:

  • Back Lumbar Height:

    9 3/8"
  • Arm Height from Seat:

  • Arm to floor:

    24 1/4" - 29"
    30" - 39 1/2"
  • Width between Arms:

    18 7/8"
  • Maximum Weight Capacity:

    300 lb
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Certified:

  • Delivery Weight:

    34.4 lb
    42 lb
  • Shipping Box Dimensions:

    35" L x 26 1/4" W x 23" H
    27 1/8" L x 27 1/8" W x 46" H


Silver award in the conference chair category (NeoCon 2008)


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Glass reinforced nylon, polypropylene
  • 100% polyester fabric


The cobi chair has Indoor Air Advantage™ Gold certification from Scientific Certification Systems as being a low-emitting product. Additionally, cobi is undergoing a complete Lifecycle Assessment evaluating the chair’s lifelong impact on the environment – from materials extraction through production, shipping, use, and end of life.

The cobi chair is level™ 2 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard. According to BIFMA, the level™ conformance mark ensures a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of the environmental and social impacts of a product’s manufacture level makes it easy to identify products that have been evaluated against a consensus-based, multi-attribute sustainability standard.

Care Instructions

Plastic and painted parts: Clean often using household cleaner (Fantastik or 409) and wiping with a soft, dry cloth; Fabric: Use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. Do not steam clean. Most stains can be removed by applying a mild soap to a slightly damp cloth, then rubbing it gently over the stain. Wipe dry.